Meet my 5 Guys. 

I’d like to think they named that cheeseburger place after us. You know, 5 Guys. Especially since cheeseburgers are the core of our beginning. But, sorry I can’t validate the 5 Guy thing. We do, however, sit down for home-cooked family meals, and we clean the kitchen. Together.

It’s rough. Rowdy. We allow wrestling, we encourage practicing basketball handling skills in our kitchen during the winter. But dodge ball and football games belong downstairs. We’ve learned baseballs dimple doors and floors; hard-thrown ping pong balls can too.

But, when the commotion quiets, and I see them help each other. I know the fight is won. The commotion is temporary. It’s not how we get knocked down – it’s who will help you up.

My Guys know family. The push, the pull, the sacrifice, the support.

In 2010, the Guys opened a pick-your-own pumpkin patch. Our sons have learned so much about the Business of Life. On the farm. In the family. In their heart.

Working gloves don’t always prevent blisters.
Weeds invade.
Water is scarce.
A killing frost can take your entire crop.

So they’ve learned to replant. And have hope.
To weed – always remembering to get to the root of the problem.
They’ve learned to solve problems and satisfy customers.
The Guys have learned that the Business of Life can be heartbreaking.
It’s tempting to quit.
Or we can go strong, harder, and with more conviction than ever before.
Because perseverance wins.

Their choice.