Katie Dilse » Keynote Speaker

Stop, drop…. SNOW!!!!

Glisten. Sparkle. Every blade of grass appeared as it had been dipped into a frozen tundra. A picture-perfect frost. Everywhere.  A perfect day for a snow angel – but guess who was watching?Image

No one could have walked away. Like a fine linen blanket, the snow’s virginity so perfect. But, falling to the temptation, I took a step onto the cotton-soft quilt, and felt a crunch beneath my feet.


I could feel the depths of a winter-long accumulation of one flake piled upon another. Was each flake’s identities yearning to be maintained, but instead conforming to the greater cause of a winter landscape? So cool!


The weight of my chiseled body (hahaha!) marked the snow. Robbing the snow of its perfection, my suddenly child-like body began to move my arms and legs simultaneously to create an angel. 


I giggled! I surrendered!


My body’s outline as a glorifying snow angel.  I could feel my clothing begin to moisten as the heat from my brief winter run began to melt the natural bed I had claimed. 


Faster, my arms waved their freedom. Freedom of any insecurities. Freedom of anger. Arms up so high above my head I begged the snow to melt my hard heart – and renew my spirit. One request after another. One plea. One wish. One dream. The perfect snow angel.


As I glanced to the heavens in humble adoration for the divinity in the moment, my heart nearly stopped. 


For there, in the most perfect blue sky, an angel. Tears ran from my eyes onto my frozen face. 


It’s silhouette of a cookie-cutter, perfectly tailored, angel.  It’s size filled the highest heavens. 


On the ground, I left my imprint on the hardened water, and in the heavens, the angel lasted but a mere whisper.


A perfect moment. To know that our angels are watching. Simply mirroring our moves. Everyday. One arm motion, one leg movement, one layer at a time.


Dang….. that’s one of those days I’m glad I was too out of shape to run another mile! Instead… I took a moment to be gifted with so. much. more.  


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