Past Clients of Katie

Covering all the details to make  your event a sweet success? You have venue and attendees, but now looking for the perfect person to speak to your clients? We’re all busy – so let’s make this easy.

Pick up the phone and call Katie at 701.206.0073 – and find out for yourself. Or if you prefer to research on your own – I’ve gathered letters written by organizations and corporations who already hired Katie.

If you’re like me, you prefer to research on your own, afterall you know what you’re looking for. You want a speaker who can make an impact.

Is Katie’s message effective?
Is she approachable?
And she’s fun, too?

Rather than filling your mind with these questions, just scroll down. Click on any letter, and get answers.

Barb Ollendieck, John Deere
“She displayed an exuberant amount of energy as well as the deepest form of sincerity and personal conviction. She has the gift of taking the person in the room who could be overlooked and honoring their presence. She opens her heart and her conversation to each personality… READ BARB’S LETTER!

Mike Zwicker, CEO St. Aloisius Medical Center
“After hearing Katie speak to my employees, you could feel the energy and compassion in the room. This was validated by the staff’s positive comments on the evaluation form and by the numerous staff members who stopped in my office to tell me how incredible they felt after hearing Katie speak. READ MIKE’S LETTER!

Ophelia Davis, Purdue University
“Prepare for the EXTRA-ordinary and you and your event participants/guests will not be disappointed!! Katie was WONDERFUL.READ OPHELIA’S LETTER!

Tara Schilke, Bismarck Cancer Center Director of Nursing 
“She was organized, professional and kind. I was immediately impressed by her passion and contagious energy. Her presentation had great relevance to our profession, was light-heart, funny and truly impactful. READ TARA’S LETTER!

Mary Foley Balvanz and Cathryn Dunsbergen, Iowa Farm Bureau 
“Katie made the process of communicating a breeze, made her speech personable, and inspired our young farmers. Both men and women enjoyed hearing her speak… READ MARY AND CATHRYN’S LETTER!

Tracy Chappell, Manitoba Farm Women Conference
“I don’t think I have ever met a speaker that everyone in our conference felt such a special connection to. She had us laughing, crying, and coming together…” READ TRACY’S LETTER!

Craig Fry, Service Specialists Association
“By the time you got to Albuquerque, it was as though you already knew us. This made your presentation especially personal and meaningful. … It wasn’t just about business, it was about life.” READ CRAIG’S LETTER!

Dorothy Lick, North Dakota Bankers Association
“As an experienced meeting planner, I appreciate Katie’s professionalism and especially her upbeat attitude.” READ DOROTHY’S LETTER!

Lacey Owens, Co-founder of CONNECT Ag
“Katie gave an outstanding performance of her keynote: “Life is a Highway – Roll On;” where her talent
was appreciated with a standing ovation that no other speaker has ever received.”

Crystal Larkin, Hearts at Home Director of Speakers
“She speaks from the heart and has a passion to encourage everyone she meets. Her message will inspire you to be a better person and to love generously. Along with her undeniable talent, Katie is an absolute joy to work with.” – READ CRYSTAL’S LETTER!

U.S. Custom Harvesters, Board of Directors
“Katie gets our blood pumping, hearts racing and laughter exploding from our mouths as she shares her true experiences from the business of life..” – READ U.S. CUSTOM HARVESTER’S LETTER!

Tracee Schwein, BTI, Inc. Marketing Manager
“She definately delivered the most powerful motivational speech ever. She brought so many smiles, laughs, and so much inspiration to our grand opening for 800 plus attendees.” – READ TRACEE’S LETTER!

Dale Niewoehner, Lions International
“Once the program at the convention started, until it ended, you made each and every one of the attendees feel good about themselves and the work that each of them does in the Lions organization. You are genuine, you are not a paste-on phony.” –READ DALE’S LETTER!

Mary Sobba, Ag Business Specialist at University of Missouri
“You connected as soon as you arrived. The effort you put into meeting each conference participant was amazing. Very few keynote speakers take the time to visit one-on-one with each and every participant. That truly made them feel important and that you cared about what each had to say. … They really enjoyed listening to you speak and interacting with you.” – READ MARY’S LETTER!

Kasey Kelly, John Deere Harvester Works 
“I recently hired Katie to speak at an all-employee meeting for 600 people and to a smaller group of 40 people. She mastered both groups, making the large group feel as intimate and special as the small group. After all of our prep-work, I knew that I could trust that everything would go well. She was extremely professional and easy to work with. It was truly a joy to prepare for this event. “ – READ KASEY’S LETTER!

Kent Braathen, President of the US Custom Harvesters, Inc. 
“It doesn’t matter if the message she is relaying is for women, men or couples – she will open your eyes to the things we take for granted and teach us to be better spouses, friends and business owners.” – READ KENT’S LETTER!

Teresa Kjellberg, Farm Credit Services of Minot North Dakota
“You bring the gift of communication to others in a very open and encouraging, down-to-earth welcoming style. … I would highly recommend you for any speaking event.” – READ TERESA’S LETTER!

Laura Weber, Bowman County Economic Development
“The steering committee’s previous experiences of enjoying Katie’s motivational presentations quickly brought Katie to the top of “must haves” for this Leadership Course.” – READ LAURA’S LETTER!

Morgan Fee, Ramsey National Bank 
“Our evening with you was filled with genuine laughter, some near tears, and a heartfelt message to take home with us. You had a little something for everyone.” – READ MORGAN’S LETTER!