It was one of those…

 an internet picture you hope your son never sees.

… If he’s a Star Wars fan.

It was a near life-size cockpit of the great Millennimum Falcon made into a bed frame. An intense project in every way… detailed. But oh so cool.

It was a son’s request most dad’s would shake off.

But not this one.


An eager father of four sons kept hearing a little boys dream. “Dad, can we build this together?” They built a little boy’s dream, but so much more.

Fastened with nails and screws – Bonded Father and Son.

For some 20 nights, Dad and his boy would calculate. Figure. Cut. Trim. and Recut. A process of learning through trial and error. Give and Take. Never quitting.

A painstakingly slow process. With a vision clearing with each board they secured. The theme song replaying in their heads with each detail they added.

Father taught son how to handle frustrating warped boards. Bent screws. And moments hammers hit thumbs. Because, that’s construction. That’s life.

From time to time, Dad would pull out the small notepad with the sketch of the bed frame. No blueprints, at all. Just a dream. To create the ultimate Millennimum Falcon cockpit.

They carefully cut odd-angled boards. Using math formulas and quadratic equations. Or something pretty dreamy like that.
The angles were nice, but they weren’t perfect. But, they just smiled and laughed, deciding they can live with a few gaps. They were having fun. And it was all coming together.

In their minds, they envisioned a galaxy far, far away.

And that theme song rolled into their minds.

They learned they can do just about anything together.
They can sand the rough edges away.
Can seal cracks to fix the breaks.
And repaint when its chipped.

Of course, Dad made sure the construction process was not only to build this dream fort… It was about building a strong family foundation.
Of dreamers. And doers.

To follow the universal laws of life… of kindness. Humility. To persevere.

The foundation of this great ship?

Wow. This bed is very sturdy. It is hard-core tough. For out of this world trilogies, the guys say.

A base to withstand rough, rowdy, and unforgettable times.
To handle the force of friends. A sturdy base to boost the flying power of friends and family.

And strong enough to carry the weight of one family.

In one place.

On a mission.

And for this family, the Millennium Falcon will play an important role in taking time to play together.

For the family who plays together… stays together.

And away from the Dark Side…

Into the Light Side.