Our Farm

We are a farming family. It’s where our kids learn that work gloves might not prevent blisters, and callused hands are earned. You know what really jazzes us? Just picturing you around your table. Laughing. Bonding. Passing the food. Even your spilled milk makes us smile.

Farmers put everything we own under the skies. In the hands of Mother Nature. Small seeds – with big hope. We tend to each field. We want you to long a long, healthy life. So, we take great pride in every seed that becomes your food.

My pantry has flour. Yours does too.
Mine comes from a farmer’s field. Yours too.
With farm families, everyone has a responsibility. It takes everyone at their best, on their toes, and devoted to the big picture. You know what gigs farmers? The roar of the machines, the smell of a timely rain, and the tiny developments of the plant – that’s cool. And every wheat load I haul with my Big Rig – you stock your pantry.
That’s cool, too.

You know what else really gigs me personally? Nabbing a bucket of wheat from the back of the truck and taking it home to grind it. And mixing a batch of the most delicious, moist, beautiful, heavenly, delightful wheat buns you’ve ever tasted. Certified delicious. Endorsed by countless taste testers.

Your bread comes from our spring wheat. Your delicious pasta is made from a beautiful head of Durum wheat. And when you serve a pot of warm soup on a chilly winter night – may those lentils refresh you. May the lentil brownies delight you. And the corn and peas enrich you. We want to you enjoy a full plate!

And, as everything in life, it starts with a small seed.

Sowed with hope. Faith. Trust.