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Certifiably Awesome


Hello, Certifiably AWESOME!
Just as you are… you are Certifiably Awesome.

Just dig in, and enjoy your full life, my friends.

We get one ride. So lean in a bit closer. Grab the opportunity. Because, That is CERTIFIABLY AWESOME success.

You can laugh or switch from this page, but this is my official face-fear-in-the-eye page.

Officially, I’ve certified myself to:

  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Travel Solo
  • Own a Magic Drawer
  • Hunt Caribou coffee
  • Drive a Big Rig
  • Host a Gingerbread Party
  • Lead my sons to grow a huge Pumpkin Patch
  • Regulate an Electronic-free Kid Taxi Service
  • Be a Super Fan
  • Chase Wild Hair Ideas
  • Speak Southern
  • Edit my Own Webpage
  • Dream BIG

What can you certify yourself to do?¬†Just about anything¬†…