You chart the direction of your future and design a road map for the things that are important to you.

We do our best to navigate family and community dynamics and try to plan for the bumps in the road along the way. We all want to stay the course make it to our destination safely, enjoying the many celebrations long the highway of life.Katie will remind you to keep an eye on your dashboard:

  • Fill your tank. Be wise, honest and true to yourself. Be aware of what you need to be fully present for those you love most. Every mile counts. Choose good co-pilots.
  • Plan your journey. Set your own destination. Put your plan in action. Make deliberate turns to get you and your business exactly where you want to be.
  • Enjoy the ride! Your days can be long with breakdowns and mix-ups. Choose a service team to help you fix the hang-ups, and find the focus to what really matters in the Business of the Life.
  • Fasten your seat belt. You are equipped for adventure, certified for greatness, and you will triumph in the detours!


Do you remember what it takes to makes you glow? Do you feel a spark deep inside of you that wants tog row? Are you ready to fan the flame and see how bright it can become? Katie will shine her light to remind you that part of being alive is listening to the fire within, and sharing that light everywhere you go!YOU hold the matches to your life and when we give ourselves permission to shine, we will light up the dark.

  • Bravely face the warmth of your true self! Live your spark. Handle the heated moments, and rebuild if you need to.
  • Recognize the gift your light brings to the world. Know what makes you glow and have the confidence to let it shine!
  • Burn the bridges holding you back, and choose to pass on the torches you need to let go.
  • Fan the flame that allows you to live an invested life so you can be fully present for yourself and the ones you love most!
  • Feed your fire and feel alive! You glow when you are true to you… it is time to let the spark of your heart light the way!


Do you dream of raising children who are kind, respectful, and responsible; yet find
they are wired to challenge the boundaries while pushing your buttons along the way? Are you looking to balance your job as a parent-referee with your call to nurture the future generation? Does parenting ever feel overwhelming,confusing or frustrating… yet still propel you to grow?
Katie will share her experiences that will enlighten and entertain while shining a light on the beauty in your boundaries:

  • Set firm family values. Uphold your values with solid perimeters to establish long-lasting, honest relationships.
  • Cherish your family’s growth. Learn from life’s toughest lessons and appreciate the cozy reassurance of rooted loved.
  • Embrace the craziness! Invite your best self to love the imperfections and celebrate the beauty in the chaos found in family life.
  • Let your soul dance! Follow your moral compass, trust your nudges, listen to the music of your heart and jam to your perfectly-imperfect life!


There is no one in this entire world just like you (thanks Mom!)…. But, do you really believe that?

Yes, we are messy, sometimes crazy; yet always beautifully unique. Stretched thin is becoming the norm and it sometimes feels overwhelming to think how we can do it all.Katie thinks you are awesome-sauce and will help remind us that when we share our unique gifts, the world shares back.

  • Live boldly. Recognize your call to simply BE YOU! Turn self-criticism into self-confidence.
  • Diminish guilt, harness your charisma, and release your authenticity! Live an invested life so you can be fully present for you and the ones you love most!
  • Empower yourself. Let your core values guide you, block the distractions, and invest in solid relationships.
  • Embark on an adventurous, risk-taking, passionate pursuit of YOU, to bravely live a transparent life and chase your heart’s deepest desires.