My heart loves in a big way…

  • Chocolate. Milk. Dark. White. Creamy. I don’t discriminate.
  • My family. Immediate. Extended. Near. Far. They have my heart.
  • Playing piano full of feelings, full of changes.
  • Winning at pinochle, tolerating strategic games, and crushing my family at Speed.
  • Teaching my sons to jitterbug, two-step, and play poker.
  • Scrapbooking: with dear friends, Martina McBride music, licorice handy.
  • Training my mind and body for a nice long run. I’m slow, but I always finish.
  • The sun. I love, love, love the sun.
  • The Bison. (Bi-zon). NDSU Bison. The Herd. We are a nation.