Real winners were everywhere in our school speech contest today... but these four have honors that they get to hang on their wall!

Real winners were everywhere in our school speech contest today… but these four have honors that they get to hang on their wall!

“Her left eye is blindness. Her right eye nearly blind.

But don’t worry about her. She’s learned to see from her heart.

And when you learn to see from your heart, you will always have light.”

  • a very wise 5th grade North Dakota girl.

She spoke softly, yet everyone in the gymnasium was listening.

Her chocolate eyes peered above her speech contest’s papers, witnessing. Seeing.

Absorbing all the emotion.

You could almost hear the kids’ peeling back their minds to understand a girl who looks different. A girl who stands our in their school.

This brave sister shared a glimpse of an unknown, dark and scary world her nearly-blind sister lives. And showed the kids that her sister has overcome – and sees light everyday! Its in the way her sister treats others. In the way she chooses to live.

Tears streamed our cheeks as this heart-felt child poured her soul. She shared her admiration for her big sister. A precious bond. Blood, or no blood… an attachment.

“She’s the bravest person I know,” this young elementary student concluded.

A smile and a plea were on her face. get to know my sister.

She gracefully ambled her way back to her seat.

I wanted to jump to my feet! She deserves a standing ovation….

But, I sat glued to that folding chair. I wish I would have jumped!

That young lady gave us new eyes. A different perspective to an old student.

She was the voice to enlighten. The wisdom to guide.

A reminder of people we often overlook. Ones we don’t take a moment to understand, or to help.

Because this sister spoke up…. she stood up in front of her peers, her elders, and enlightened… She chooses a happier world!

Simple messages from our kids really can be our BEACONS!!! 

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