Katie certifies the awesome found within. First of all, she reminds us that when we feel our best, we’ll do our best. When we give ourselves permission to shine, we light up the dark. When we let go of the weight we carry from our past, we can follow our dreams. Since we share our gifts, the world shares back. It is part of running your life’s business. Katie will certify you for what is to come, certifying your gifts.

You might be a leader in your organization, an entrepreneur, a mom, a spouse, or simply searching for fulfillment and looking for a push to follow your dreams. She reminds us we all are running our own life’s business, consequently,  how we work each day matters. Our days aren’t always easy, and at times, we may feel overwhelmed…you are not alone!

Exactly…who is Katie?

She is a business owner, wife, mother of four boys, farmer, and Big Rig driver. She brings her life experiences to the stage and shares her energy and dynamic spirit with her audiences. Just as her farm feeds the world, most relevantly, her passion for life will feed your soul. You will laugh, you will cry, and then, you will be forever changed. You will feel better equipped to take care of the business in your life, and most of all, you will feel motivated. THIS SMALL TOWN GIRL SOUNDS KINDA FUN!

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