Two tubes of used lip gloss. The permanent ink was worn off. The applicator bent. But, it was wrapped with a bow.

Given from his heart.

It was the annual “teacher’s cleaning their desks” rummage sale – and the boys had packed cash. A lot of cash. They cleaned their piggy banks, and there were inter-loans within the home. They were on a mission.

And I was the lucky recipient!

They set the stage for the perfect Mother’s Day. They’d talked about it for weeks, and it seemed all 5 of my guys were in on it. And to be quite honest, I’d looked forward to it for 365 days! I love that day!!! Don’t you Moms?


We devote our lives into our kids.
We make their hearts part of ours.
We give and give… and give deeper yet. To the point of collapse.

We marvel when they make choices – the right ones.
And we’re there to guide them through the wrong ones.

My sons are so tightly wound within my heart – its hard to let them go.
To school. To the park. To a sleepover. To camp. To driver’s ed.

But, they are simply a gift. From God. And its up to us to savor every minute with them.

To accept the used lip gloss, brush it on our lips, and put it in our purse.

To wear the homemade crown. To the park? When we pick up our kids from school? To work?

I just know, we must keep the crown. In a very safe spot. Because it says the words Moms love to hear: “World’s Greatest Mom.”


So many times I’ve wept at my Mother’s grave.
I’ve vowed to miss church on Mother’s Day because I know I’ll just weep there, too.

I stay away from the Hallmark section during May.
Once, I made the mistake, and my tears ran.
But, the lady next to me was holding that tear-stained card, and she understood.
She’s been there. She actually ended up holding me, too.

Moms teach us young ladies how to be the “World’s Greatest Mom.”
She showed patience.
She taught me how to drive a grain truck, and was there when I over filled it.

She showed unconditional love.
She taught me to always take a stand, but picked me up from detention.

She tried to teach us self control.
But, it was ok to sneak rolos from her candy cupboard. She’s said chocolate does wonders.

She made us feel worthy.
She taught me how to apply makeup, but said I’m more beautiful without it.

So… for me and my guys.

He’ll be driving soon. I’m ready.

I’ll hold his hand as long as he lets me. Right now he loves it, but I know that will change.

I’ll play baseball, basketball, and football. I usually catch balls with my face.

We’ll check for loose teeth. Because he’s still my baby.

I wear the pink lip gloss – just a light coat.
I’ll take them for ice cream – on special occassions.
We’ll teach them to be independent – and the growing pains independence brings.
But together, we will grow.

And I will love their father with my whole heart. He’s really easy to love! And, Father’s Day is just around the corner!

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