Running keeps a family together!

Running keeps a family together!

Does a singer need a Country Music Award to be a “star?”  Do we have to win a race to be a “runner”?

My P.R. is mine – but nothing to brag about. My split isn’t negative. 50-state runner’s club: not a member. I may never run a full. But, I’ve logged hundreds of S-L-O-W miles. I’m a Mom who loves to run!

I stay outside of the circle of being called a “runner.” I reserved it for the fast ones. The athletic. the graceful. the chiseled muscled humans. For just about anyone – but me.

After Boston’s tragedy –  many people, like this Mom,  with great pride stepped into the runner’s circle.  The worldwide runner’s family.

Like the burning muscles after a long run, our hearts tightened for the loved ones on the sidelines, and the ones who were steps from completing their marathon – their journey. And the ones who were hoping to make their personal history.

The fans are a runner’s life line. Our energy. Our push. Strangers become encouragers. So many times, they understand the sacrifice and months of dedication it takes to cross the line. The aching muscles, the euphoria.

Crying at the news at the Boston finish line, and begging for answers…  my legs twitched.  Burning for a good run. Go out. Run far. Run faster than yesterday. Run for them. Run for the brokenness of the world! Go run… 

We run for change. We run for a better tomorrow.

Digging deep… we will keep running!  to remember. to resolve. to restore. to recreate a beautiful love for the finish line.


We are RADIATING RUNNERS with a remarkable resilience.

*** We’re always looking for more members of our runner’s family! If this Mommy can do it…. anyone can!!!!

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