In the dead of winter with cheeks frozen and numb fingers, I muttered to myself: I’d rather live through a hurricane.

How naive and dumb of me.

Yet, how natural.
Because, no one wants to suffer.

Hurricanes, floods, droughts – STORMS teach us the most about ourselves. They impact our reasoning. Question our character. Uproot our logic, yet ground our lives.

The storms of life teach us top 5 things:


1. Some of us will be inconvenienced, and we will pout. Our big plans are altered a bit. While some lives are devastated. Forever.

2. Interstate lanes will be reversed to ease the evacuating process. Get out, and get out fast. Meanwhile, heros take the back roads – driving into the force of nature to serve. Facing the eye of the storm.

3. Gas stations with long lines and empty shelves will irritate some, will others go knocking on doors of elderly and forgotten, leading them to a place of safety, comfort, and warmth.

4. Vacationers will pack their bags early with adventures untaken. But, upon their return home, family and friends will run to greet them. Their prayers: answered.

5. Busy lives will press forward, giving only a moment’s thought to the lives affected. While others will see the opportunity to change within. To recognize others. They will be compelled to pray. They will establish a community of support.

We must be conscience of our choices, and be aware of our brothers and sisters in the world.

Choose to ignore – and not disrupt the current of your life.
Or choose to be involved.

Be brave.
Bend, but don’t break.
And embrace the blessings in the storm.


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