“Why did Grandpa have to die?”
“How many seconds in a year?”
“How many Super Bowls have the Falcons won?”
“How deep are the roots of a 20 foot tall tree?”
“What is Europe like?”
“Why isn’t she nice to me?”
“Mom, he makes me feel awkward. I don’t know how to talk to him.”

In a 20 minute window – they fired all of these questions! BIG picture observations. In a fast-paced world, it’s tough to create the right place for kids. Somewhere they can really talk. So you can get to what’s on a kids’ mind, or what concerns them.

Creating an environment without pressure. A place they are not rushed. Or distracted. Where they feel open to talk, but not cornered.

Engaging brains… and creating space for the tough conversations. We do it on the farm.

They are so busy, they forget we’re working on their hearts. Not just the job ahead of us.

farming together... building tomorrow

No video games. No phone interruptions. Just us. And a little dirt.

You only need one thing: a rake. or a hoe.

The best conversations happen in the pumpkin patch. In the tractor. In the garden. Driving semi. Or cleaning closets.

It’s asking, “hey, you’re terribly crabby. What’s up?”

“I miss Dad,” one of the little Guys say.

I agree. It’s springs work on the farm – long days, short nights. “So do I, but you don’t have to pounce on your brother. It won’t get Dad home any sooner.” suddenly, he gets it.

The real dirt on raising kids: its not easy. But. With the right fertilizer and favorable conditions, the crop will surpass all of your greatest yield dreams!

Get rid of the weeds. the bad influences
Water often. spend time together
Watch for identifiable diseases.you know the dangers
Keep your eye out for pesty rodents. usually, you can smell them
Cultivate your soil. your future
Plant good seeds. watch them grow

tractor time... with Dad

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