Hang on tight! This fast-paced world is brimming with opportunity!
We race to get where we’re going… and race to get home!
We pile our speeding tickets in a drawer.

But, when cancer rings – everything stops.
To listen.

At my end of the receiver were four young boys who needed their Mom.
At the other end, a devastated friend.

Embracing her life-changing news, this friend became a hero. Grasping faith. Holding onto hope. Optimistic.
We all smiled. We all cried.

Quickly we rallied.
She had a freezer of food
drivers for chemo –
friends to sit with her –
a supportive work staff –
a family of love.

As a busy Mom, I had to think unconventional.

So begins: “Driving Miss Halie”


Driving: the hero’s daughter…

She’s sweeter than a pan of brownies…
She’s as wholesome as a truest friend…
She’s honest. Pure.
She needed a distraction. I needed her!
So we drive. Together.

It’s our Wednesday ritual.

We forget about cancer.
We forget about worry.

(I take that back, we worry about the sunroof. Open or closed!)

We roll the windows down. We roll them up.
We play the music loud. We sing even louder!
We dance behind the wheel. We share a pretend microphone.
And. oh. do. we. laugh!!!!


We cruise to meetings and to the grocery store.
We cruise to church. and she helps me sing.
We bake. Together.
We swing through the bank drive-thru. just to spread love!
We hang out in the car wash. just to see the purple bubbles.
We drive semi. so she can blow the horn. And I can see her react!

Finding the right words, or the best way to help a friend in need – takes one thing.
Our hearts.
When we live and we give from there – we’re truly gifting.

If you love cooking: then take a warm meal.
If visiting is your thing: then stop in.
If your faith is your guide: then pray together.
If you life is already full to the brim: find something that works for you.

Whatever you do…
Just do something.

Then… do a little bit more.
Stretch your comfort zone.
Live deeper.
Take risks.

It’s not just cancer patients who need our help.
Oklahoma tornado victims. New Moms. Retired nurses. Teachers. Ministers. Shift workers. Health care providers. Nursing home residents. New people in our communities. High School graduates. Preschoolers.

It’s the hearts who are hurting. It’s the hurt in us.
We must reach out… and give. We must accept.

With an outstretched hand, you can hold so much!
You hold the opportunity to love deeper than you ever thought imaginable! And… watch your world brim with joy, with love, with gratefulness, with fullness!

Instead of feeling caught in a whirlwind life, you’ll feel the wind at your back – pushing you to live your very best life.

It’s the kind of wind that puts our sails in motion!

So… Open up – and let the sunshine in!

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