This lovable gal - the queen of her high school - the greeter of the hallways - the town's best hugger... and me.

This lovable gal – the queen of her high school – the greeter of the hallways – the town’s best hugger… and me.

Our routine is simple. I stop at her house and take her for a ride. Sometimes she waits for my arrival on the side of the curb – for hours. Oh… and I LAY on the horn when I see her! She waves, and laughs, and cups her face into her short and stocky hands – a common feature in a down syndrome. “Stop it, Kay Kay.” But, I know she loves it!

She manuevers her body in the passenger seat and I take the wheel.

Our first top: the grocery store. We tease and laugh our way straight to the produce department.

“I choooooose…..” she contemplates. Fruit or veggies – then to the front of the store for bottled water – white or pink label. It’s our deal. It’s our thing. It’s perfect.

Then, we climb into my car. I’m in quick – settling our drinks in the holders, and tossing whatever I’d absentmindly thrown in her seat. It’s my Mom Mobile.

But when Halie’s with – it’s the MUSIC MACHINE MEMORY MOBILE! We both turn into rockstars!

We buckle tight for the highlight of our week.

She chooses the DVDs (the rest of the world calls them CDs.)

“My boy!” she squeals! Yep. We’re listening to Toby Keith. Again. Red Solo Cup. Blaring. Loud. and we both laugh. LOUD!

“So fun!” she squeals again! Her hands clap so quickly! She always holds them close to her soul when she claps.

Windows: wide.
Seat heaters: on.
Sunroof: open
Arms: waving at every car!
Halie and Katie: smiling from our souls!

It is so. much. fun.

After I drop her off. We’re both bummed.

But, reading her journal entries after our rides, I know its affecting both of us more than we even know. They go like this, “Go on a drive wth Katie and listen music 🙂

But… it’s so much more.

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