Certifiably Awesome

We are all designed for growth.
But, so many times, we hold ourselves back from our heart’s ambitions because we haven’t given our heart permission to soar. Or, maybe we don’t fit into a category. Or a box society draws? Maybe, we don’t hold the official certification. Or, we’re simply not good enough. But… guess what! You can choose to be your very best self. You have gifts!

Life is occupied with preparation for the future.
And we wait.
Right place. Right time.
Every season to prepare for the next
A whole lot of waiting… and Waiting. Why?
Is something holding you back?
The fear of rejection, failing, or losing?
…. so we don’t even start.

Listening to self-doubt? What if I’m not good enough? So what.
Hear fear? I might flop? big deal.
And, if you sink to the bottom? Find the treasure.

But what happens if you choose, just for one day, to certify yourself to do that “thing” that you can’t get out of your mind. The “thing” you’ve only told your closest friend.


It is time.
Open up.
Be awake to your purpose.
Give yourself permission to BE your best self.
Take the first step and Certify YOUR Awesome
I can’t wait to celebrate you!