Prom kids refuel their station manager’s heart…

Prom night – and these kids had a grand night on their mind and in their hearts!
On a night where they’ve never felt more beautiful – or more special –
they wanted to share it with one of their biggest fans.
The fuel station manager.
Donna’s heart only has one fight – the fight to live.
And… these kids want to see her live happy.

With a twinkle in the teen’s eyes – they left the school.
This small town worries about kids’ choices on that night and many others.
They were set to show – their hearts are made to love.


They left with a plan. A private grand march in the living room of Donna.
She’s filled their gas tanks. She filled their hearts.

They all met outside her home on a cold Saturday night in North Dakota.

“Why are all those kids going to the post office on prom night?” – Donna laughed and wondered aloud to her long-time husband, Nick, as they looked out the living room window.

The kids were on a special delivery. Priority mailing.
To bring cheer to the home of their cup filler.

Donna made countless smoothies for them on warm summer afternoons.
She’s sold gas to fill their tanks. They talk. She listens.
She’s wished them well before ball games, and she’s there to hear about their losses.
Donna spent a lifetime refueling – and they wanted to fuel her!


Couples linked their arms, and went into her living room.
Standing before her – they were star struck.
Their Donna.
THEIR beautiful Donna. Fighting cancer – and not losing her smile!
This time they were holding the hose – refueling HER.
Everyone was overwhelmed.
That’s what love does.
It overwhelms us – especially when its love you’ve first given away – and it comes back to you.

The kids smiled with pride. I’ve grown up.
Donna’s played tag in the aisles of that gas station with them. When they were younger.
She’s cleaned their spilled drinks. No harm done, she’d say.
She’s given them free donuts. And invited them to sit and eat.


She knows their favorite drink. She knows their favorite sport.
She’s mixed paint for their homes. She knows all of their families by name.
She’s not fuzzy and soft – she’s honest and understanding.

The kids went to refuel their tank –
But when they came out of her home –
Once again, she had refueld them.

Not a one kid was looking at their cell phone.
No one browsing for something they could be missing.
Because everything that fills the goodness of hearts had just happened to them.
That moment was all they needed. all she needed.
And… the love shines on.


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