The Business of Life

Mathematically coded, carefully calculated formula on conducting the Business of Life: =♥

Live with heart.

Be passionate.

Embrace your crazy.

Work diligently every day, except on the days you need a good rest.

Use brilliance and intellect. Problem-solving and deduction are important, too. But, when the chips are down – what matters?

It’s bonding. Connecting. And valuing people.

Rather than filling your schedule with projects, instead, spend time with people.

Serving the committees, advising boards, and volunteering is important. But, the majority of the projects you direct may be forgotten. Yet, we will remember most of the people we meet.

Therefore, people impact lives. People touch hearts.


Projects need pizzazz.
Every rule has an exception.
Each day needs a personal connection.
Use energy, talents, and time responsibly.
Cherish friends.
Organize your wild hair ideas.

Perfection is for the birds.

Music motivates and open windows liberate.
Self-awareness builds character.
Eat chocolate.
Pray daily.
Eat chocolate while you pray.