Seven days to be your best Dad.

Here’s the deal.
There’s no book on how to earn that #1 Dad card.
But, it boils down to spending time with your kids.
Here’s one week guide to become a better Dad.

Day 1. Know each of your kids and know them well. It’s you’re life’s book you’re writing – know every character!

Day 2. Make time to play their favorite game. And trust me, they don’t always ask between projects, most of the time its when you’re in the middle of one. But when they ask – it really means they need you. so be there. really there.


Day 3. Be ready to wrestle. Kids love to get their parents tangled – especially Dads – to show you their newfound strength! Kids score with every parent take-down! Let them. Then, get up and show them what it means to escape or to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Life is full of them.


Day 4. When they hit a new phase – go with it. You’ll get through it. Sure, it might get ugly. Think of it as morning breath. It doesn’t last forever.


Day 5. They are watching all the time. Learning. Documenting. And, they’re ready to play back your moves at any given moment!


Day 6. Play games with your kids – but for heaven’s sake, don’t let them win! Teach them to handle defeat gracefully.


Day 7. Kids will endure tough lessons. Don’t back down. Be a tough Dad. A tough Mom. A compassionate father. A caring mother. When a situation has you completely baffled and perplexed – go back to parenting 101: Love your kid.

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