Desire, determination… sports style

His team sprints from the dugout to take the field.
Looking side to side, he studies the empty dugout.
He can’t ignore the empty feeling in his gut.
He’s warming the bench. for another season
But, his heart burns with desire.
Put me in coach.

He wants to play. THIS season.
Not another one from the dugout.

Finally, the moment of trust arrives.
“Take the pitching mound,” his coach demands.
He is so ready.
Ready to bring heat.

JD pitching strikes

He prepared for it.
He pictured it.
He talked about it. Envisioned it.
He is ready.

He takes the mound.
Pitch. Strike.
Pitch. Strike.
Pitch. Striiiiiiike.

He’s throwin’ smoke.
Fans holler.
Someone believed in him!
He believes in himself.
He feels great, and he lets it show.

At the top of the last inning, he’s digging deep in his mental game.
Coach pulls on this young man’s burning elbow and slaps his aching bicep.
“JD, I know you can do this.
You can.
Do it.
Do it.
Just over the plate.”

He was prepared.

JD after pitching win

He was successful.
But, mostly, he was humble.

Seasons change…
But the desire stays.
This time it’s the football field.

He looks great from his sharp-looking uniform.
But, he waits from the sideline.
football sidelines

Through many series.
Through many games. Through much of a season.
Yet, he perseveres.

Late at night, I hear the weight bench snap. I smell his sweat.
I see a young boy turning into a man.

So when the time finally comes to take the football field.
He is ready. So ready.

Defending the football. nothing can get through.
The nose guard next to him is muscular. Strong. Dependable.
That brute forces a fumble, so the football lays at the 22 yard line.

Like a bear to a honey pot, the kid you normally see on the sidelines charges.
He one-hand grabs that pigskin and runs.

And runs. With every ounce of energy he can muster. Across the entire football field.

He runs with his legs.
But really, his soul has all the strength.
football touchdown

Running. For a touchdown.
For the ultimate feeling in football.
To make a moment for his team.
To run from the taste of defeat – to relish in the deliciousness of victory.

touchdown smiles

He was ready.
He was prepared.
He was successful.

Sometimes it takes time on the bench.
basketball bench

To be part of a winning team.

basketball team

It takes a burning desire
to work through rejections – to win.

It takes falls – to stand tall.
It takes 2nd place – to appreciate first.
It takes walking through open doors – to go somewhere new.

We must believe in ourselves.
Take chances.

Prepare now and embrace opportunities to make the game of life the very best it can be!

You never know when the moment you’ve prepared for… the moment you’ve drawn in your mind… is staring you straight in the eye and its up to you to MAKE it HAPPEN!

Leave the bench – and go get it!

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