“We recently had Katie as our keynote speaker at the 2019 Logistics Partner Conference, with over 350 attendees from around the globe. Not only did she speak, she delivered an absolutely fantastic performance and shared a powerful message to our global John Deere logistics professionals as well as our partner suppliers from around the world.

She has been the talk of the conference, the positive feedback and comments are still coming in, it’s really amazing.”


Meet Katie:

The moment Katie enters a room; you know she’s there. The energy elevates, laughter builds, smiles grow and hearts open. Katie brings a powerful message and undeniable energy to spark audiences across the country from corporate meetings to national conventions. She inspires her audiences with her heart-to-heart presentations focused on making the most of our own life’s business, making the most of what we focus our energy and resources toward. Click here to learn more!

“Her enthusiasm is invigorating, her humor is absolutely delightful and the compassion she has for others, regardless of their social status, was something felt by the heart.”

– RACHELLE JUNTUNEN, Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center Warden

What is Katie’s Specialty?

To visit with Katie, email her at katie@katiedilse.com or leave a message on her cell phone at 701.206.0073