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Business of Life Clients

Clients who loved Katie’s keynote…

Katie brings energy and laughter to clients at every event. She’s approachable and sincere. Your event will ignite with her enthusiasm for your attendees. These are clients who hired Katie Dilse.

They trusted Katie to bring a powerful message. And, the results surpassed their expectations. Audiences very quickly connect with Katie. Audiences are captivated and empowered. Catch a few of Katie’s Business of Life clients:

Katie captivates clients on the Business of Life…

The Business of the Farm clients

Born and raised on a farm in rural America, Katie knows farming. Agriculture manufacturers like Global Product Development of John Deerehire Katie to connect their business to their customers. Industry conferences, including The Crop Outlook and International Durum Forum and the US Custom Harvesters, and Connect Ag of Canada request Katie because her love for the industry, and her passion to impact its producers.

The Business of the Mom clients

Katie knows motherhood. She loves to connect with moms. Women attending the Hearts at Home national conference are renewed and inspired. “Our moms loved her,” Jill Savage, Hearts at Home Founder said. Katie refuels the heart of the mom. From coast to coast, moms experience encouragement and validation through the heart-warming messages. Moms feel comfortable and vulnerable in Katie’s presence, and they grow in the connection. For Katie knows well the demands of motherhood. She knows the feelings of defeat. She understands the hangups. But, Katie knows that tough moms and solid families grow strong kids.

The Business of the Heart clients

Life is building relationships from the heart. We all know that life is not always full of glowing light. Sometimes darkens shadows our dreams. Katie’s heartfelt message came during a power outage at the The University of Missouri – yet, “People were listening. Even in the pitch black darkness, Katie had them captivated,” said Mary Sobba, University of Missouri Extension Director. Katie draws her audiences to grow personally and professionally.



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