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Conference Bio

Meet Katie:

The moment Katie enters a room; you know she’s there. The energy elevates, laughter builds, smiles grow andhearts open. Katie brings a powerful message and an undeniable energy to spark audiences across thecountry from corporate meetings to national conventions. She inspires her audiences with her heart-to- heartpresentations focused making the most of our own life’s business, making the most of what we focus ourenergy and resources toward.

Katie farms.

Although she swore she’d never marry a farmer – she fell in love with one. Been married to him for 19 years.

She’s a farmer who loves the thrill of haulin’ down the dirt roads in the power seat of her big rig – and worksevery day to cultivate the most out of the long haul of life.

She is the CEO of the Dilse Family Farm Management Training Program; a mom looking ahead. She has fourpotential farm managers living under her roof – a perfect opportunity to teach the basics of life. Especially lifein a family business. Her sons are learning time management, fiscal responsibility, recognizing conflict andlearning to solve problems – all while planning for a bolder future. She loves The Business of the Farm.

Katie is a Mom.

Her light-hearted humor and honest soul is a natural fit for those who long for a message that uplifts ourspirits, draws us close and unites each of us. Katie is an expert in tough love and is strong-willed. Her genuinestories approach hot- topics with a down-to- earth style that will open both hearts and minds in addressing TheBusiness of Mom.

Katie’s Spirt is on Fire!

Balancing the demands of work, the tugs on personal life, and community obligations is a challenge. Our livesare full and at the end of the day, it’s easy to look back and struggle to describe how our time was spent. Katiewill help you discover all the accomplishments in your busy days, recognizing they are credible and worthy ofcelebration. The understanding that life is more than a list of projects started and completed – its people;often referred to as the Business of the Heart.

Katie is influential.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis relied on her reports to advise their agriculture decision makers.

The Great American Wheat Harvest captured this North Dakota farm girl in its award-winning documentary.

Katie loves tractors and work boots, yet as a guest at the National Ag Day in Washington, D.C., and a Finalistfor Farm and Ranch Guide Country Woman of the Year, she was comfortable with the red carpet, high heels,and invigorating conversations with others who love agriculture.

Identified as one of the Top 40 under 40 business leaders in the Midwest, The Business Watch magazinerecognized this young entrepreneur for professional development, community contributions, and herinfluential voice that she calls The Business of Life.

Katie Shares.

She is a dynamic speaker who shares her love for farming with agriculture leaders including John Deere andthe US Custom Harvesters. She understands the grinds of agriculture production and the breakdowns alongthe way. She hand-crafts her message to the core of living; cultivating relationships and choosing to devotetime and talents where they can serve the greater good. Just as her farm feeds the world, her passion for lifewill feed your soul. She inspires through her experiences of overcoming obstacles and celebrating the wins,and you will be forever changed and better equipped to take care of the business of your life.