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“This is really, really the best time of my life,” the 22-year-old college student said in the Bismarck airport last week.

And just like that, he turned, and walked away.
To fly across the world.

It was an 8-month dream.
One that changed our hearts, and his.

Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the most difficult things in life.
My Brazilian son for life. read more

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Bringing together four minds usually means four ideas.
And lots of ideas can be a wreck.
Especially when its strong-willed little boys we’re talking about.

As a farm family – we wanted our sons to learn to work together at a young age!

Making mistakes.
Fixing breakdowns.

So, we gave the boys a pile of supplies and enough tools to do the job.
And under the bright sunshine, they set out to replace the shovels on this piece of equipment. read more

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Here’s the deal.
There’s no book on how to earn that #1 Dad card.
But, it boils down to spending time with your kids.
Here’s one week guide to become a better Dad.

Day 1. Know each of your kids and know them well. It’s you’re life’s book you’re writing – know every character!

Day 2. Make time to play their favorite game. And trust me, they don’t always ask between projects, most of the time its when you’re in the middle of one. But when they ask – it really means they need you. so be there. really there. read more

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Prom night – and these kids had a grand night on their mind and in their hearts!
On a night where they’ve never felt more beautiful – or more special –
they wanted to share it with one of their biggest fans.
The fuel station manager.
Donna’s heart only has one fight – the fight to live.
And… these kids want to see her live happy.

With a twinkle in the teen’s eyes – they left the school.
This small town worries about kids’ choices on that night and many others.
They were set to show – their hearts are made to love.

prom-kids read more

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Tonight: it was family open heart surgery.
Radical changes.
They needed to be made.

We didn’t enter a sterile environment.
We just sat on the bed.
For a heart-to-heart.
Soul spring cleaning.
My son and I.


Nothing was scheduled and we certainly didn’t involve a medical team.
We just needed to have a couple minutes…
for a good-old-fashioned cleansing.
To get some things off our chest,
To start fresh. read more

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A wise mother once said: Life is about letting go.


Watching our sons leave the fan section – to wear a jersey. I’m letting go.

Charging the football field for the first time. This letting go hurts.
And who ever said my son didn’t have hops? He’s blocking punts. I’m filling with pride.

As I hear myself hollering too loud, I watch from the corner of my eye… a beautiful young girl walking by. She’s wearing my son’s jersey. So, I’m forced to let go. read more

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His team sprints from the dugout to take the field.
Looking side to side, he studies the empty dugout.
He can’t ignore the empty feeling in his gut.
He’s warming the bench. for another season
But, his heart burns with desire.
Put me in coach.

He wants to play. THIS season.
Not another one from the dugout.

Finally, the moment of trust arrives.
“Take the pitching mound,” his coach demands.
He is so ready.
Ready to bring heat. read more

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Hang on tight! This fast-paced world is brimming with opportunity!
We race to get where we’re going… and race to get home!
We pile our speeding tickets in a drawer.

But, when cancer rings – everything stops.
To listen.

At my end of the receiver were four young boys who needed their Mom.
At the other end, a devastated friend.

Embracing her life-changing news, this friend became a hero. Grasping faith. Holding onto hope. Optimistic.
We all smiled. We all cried. read more

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