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Inspiration for all of us…

A 74-year-old North Dakota runner devoted 40 years to build streaks. Not snapstreaks. But a dare to start a running streak. Teens: listen up. Streaks can empower you, build your confidence, and change your life – if you choose the right ones.

Dennis’ longest streak was running 5333 consecutive days. Then, he completed a 3308-day streak. Nearly 24.5 years of running. Every. Day. Essentially, he trained 40 years to prepare for the day doctors stopped his heart – his running-streak broken.

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It was one of those…

 an internet picture you hope your son never sees.

… If he’s a Star Wars fan.

It was a near life-size cockpit of the great Millennimum Falcon made into a bed frame. An intense project in every way… detailed. But oh so cool.

It was a son’s request most dad’s would shake off.

But not this one.

An eager father of four sons kept hearing a little boys dream. “Dad, can we build this together?” They built a little boy’s dream, but so much more.

Fastened with nails and screws – Bonded Father and Son.

For some 20 nights, Dad and his boy would calculate. Figure. Cut. Trim. and Recut. A process of learning through trial and error. Give and Take. Never quitting.

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When you fill your tank with gas, you expect to cover miles. It’s a given.
When you work, you expect to get paid… it’s usually contracted. But, production agriculture is not simple. There’s no guarantees you’ll work and get paid. Just guarantee you will work.

We stay up at night pondering the forecast, penciling our fate. Yet, at the end of 365 days our wrinkled, callused hands don’t grasp a pay check. In these tough years, we pay to work. And the gray hair comes free. And we still wait for rain.

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Raising respectful kids begins at home with the safe boundaries we create and reinforce as their parents. Daily, we teach our kids to respect others and understand consequences by our very own example. (don’t worry – you’re doing great!!!)

You’re allowing space for growth, confidence, and independence in our children. And we both know, creating and reinforcing boundaries is giving our kids a place to make mistakes. No one has perfect kids! Or perfect parents! Just give warmth of our reassurance and love to help hold our kids up so they can mature into young men and women who benefit society.

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In the dead of winter with cheeks frozen and numb fingers, I muttered to myself: I’d rather live through a hurricane.

How naive and dumb of me.

Yet, how natural.
Because, no one wants to suffer.

Hurricanes, floods, droughts – STORMS teach us the most about ourselves. They impact our reasoning. Question our character. Uproot our logic, yet ground our lives.

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Hello! I’m Katie.

Life is way too short. And sometimes the life of the party dies. And the music stops. But, it seems only for a short time before the next verse plays. So, while we’re here, we need to leave a trace of our song.

Right before delivering a keynote in North Dakota, I received the most unexpected sadness. My 41-year-old “life of the party” friend – bursting with energy, hugs, and love – was now gone. And we were left devastated. Because Bubba was so full of life, the contrast of death seemed incomprehensible.

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  • Stuart Dilse - Well done.ReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog!


  • Stacey Barstad - This was a wonderful story! I am a farm wife to one of Bubbas life long high school friends. Have you ever spoke in Stanley?ReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - Hello Stacey!
      It’s a delight to hear from you! To be a friend of Bubba’s, you are life long! YOU are so blessed you had high school with Bubba! He treasured each of you so, so dearly. You gave him fun. You learned to love and be loved – and that class of Stanley has something so special together! It’s really quite extraordinary.

      I have spoke in Stanley!!! And… it was a delight! I’d love to come back again! Get a group together – find a few sponsors – and I’d LOVE to come back!!! 🙂 It would be a delight to be in the hometown of dear Bubba.

      Just email me: katie@katiedilse.com!! Looking forward to hearing from you!
      – KatieReplyCancel

  • Karen - Thank you for your kind words. Bubba was exactly that. He will forever be missed, his smile that little up the room, his warm swallow you up hugs, his infectious laughter. He leaves us all a special memory only we share with him. My cousin was a very special person. Rest easy my ChrisE.ReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - Karen… my deepest sympathy in the loss of your dear cousin Bubba. He was an extra special guy. I know you miss him dearly. He treasured his family so much. His laugh and love will long be remembered.

      – KatieReplyCancel

A few weeks back, I met a couple so in love – celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! It was easy to see – they were absolutely wild about each other! For you and for me, I wanted to know their secret.

Without a minute of hesitation, the man who chose this woman to have and to hold for life looked deep in my eyes and shared the secret no one wants to talk about. “It’s not easy.”

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If family projects excite you, and sticky messes don’t frighten you – and you are really, really brave and pretty ambitious – check out this awesome Gingerbread Party! We make our dough from scratch, our frosting is a family favorite, a finger-licking deliciousness, and our gingerbread designs are unique every year. It’s a seven-family tradition!

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