Katie Dilse »

A prom moment… without the bling.

Prom Dress

Prom Dress (Photo credit: Birdies100)

It wasn’t her dazzling dress or his black tux. It was their eyes.

They weren’t in love. But it was love. real love.

The moment was so brief.. only a keen eye could  have stolen it. But, I was watching. Because I love to watch them.

A high school junior guy… good natured, sweet, charismatic and tender.

And a senior girl… beautiful, sophisticated, brilliant and unselfish.

One – a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome. And one – who could care less.

Their prom: a night of a hundred expectations.

Grand march love songs. Spotlights. Bling. Lots of bling. Leopard decorations. Everyone looking their best – and everything perfect.  But those details faded into the gymnasium walls, because I was mesmerized by a precious moment. One of those moments that seemed in slow motion so I could hang onto it just a little. bit. longer.

This young man bent to choose a flower for his dazzling date – as all the guys did for the gals. Very routine. But as he handed this selection with great pride, the most beautiful young lady reached out her loving, open hand and accepted his token with a sparkle.  Genuine gratuity. Authentic shine of her character!  “Thank you,” she sweetly sang. He just grinned.  I’m the man. she loves it.

How wise are the ones who love. and accept love. The real love.

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