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“There is no question Katie loves what she does, as she engages others and inspires them. Katie shared with us a message of joy, inspiration, and empowerment! An A+.”
– Rodney Volk, Roughrider Health Promotion Conference President

The moment Katie Dilse enters a room her passion and encouraging words inspire. Thousands, at national and state associations, draw motivation from her message on the business of life. She’s a keynote speaker spreading a message packed with humor, insights, and empowerment.

Katie’s transparency will pull you close, while weaving in her lifetime of experiences in what she calls the Businesses of the Heart, Mom and Family. Katie combines her Top 40 Under 40 business leadership and the gusto of a Farm and Ranch Guide Country Woman of the Year finalist. Her infectious perspective sparks, inspires, and keeps her audience laughing long after she has left the stage. To visit with Katie, just email katie@katiedilse.com or leave a message on her cell phone at 701.206.0073

It was one of those...

 an internet picture you hope your son never sees.

... If he's a Star Wars fan.

It was a near life-size cockpit of the great Millennimum Falcon made into a bed frame. An intense project in every way... detailed. But oh so cool.

It was a son's request most dad's would shake off.

But not this one.


An eager father of four sons kept hearing a little boys dream. "Dad, can we build this together?" They built a little boy's dream, but so much more.

Fastened with nails and screws - Bonded Father and Son.

For some 20 nights, Dad and his boy would calculate. Figure. Cut. Trim. and Recut. A process of learning through trial and error. Give and Take. Never quitting.

A painstakingly slow process. With a vision clearing with each board they secured. The theme song replaying in their heads with each detail they added.

Father taught son how to handle frustrating warped boards. Bent screws. And moments hammers hit thumbs. Because, that's construction. That's life.

From time to time, Dad would pull out the small notepad with the sketch of the bed frame. No blueprints, at all. Just a dream. To create the ultimate Millennimum Falcon cockpit.

They carefully cut odd-angled boards. Using math formulas and quadratic equations. Or something pretty dreamy like that.
The angles were nice, but they weren't perfect. But, they just smiled and laughed, deciding they can live with a few gaps. They were having fun. And it was all coming together.

In their minds, they envisioned a galaxy far, far away.

And that theme song rolled into their minds.

They learned they can do just about anything together.
They can sand the rough edges away.
Can seal cracks to fix the breaks.
And repaint when its chipped.

Of course, Dad made sure the construction process was not only to build this dream fort... It was about building a strong family foundation.
Of dreamers. And doers.

To follow the universal laws of life... of kindness. Humility. To persevere.

The foundation of this great ship?

Wow. This bed is very sturdy. It is hard-core tough. For out of this world trilogies, the guys say.

A base to withstand rough, rowdy, and unforgettable times.
To handle the force of friends. A sturdy base to boost the flying power of friends and family.

And strong enough to carry the weight of one family.

In one place.

On a mission.

And for this family, the Millennium Falcon will play an important role in taking time to play together.

For the family who plays together... stays together.

And away from the Dark Side...

Into the Light Side.

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  • Amy Wells - Hi Katie! It was fantastic to meet you this weekend in Rochester. It touched my heart to watch you connect with my daughter Katrina Wells at the Melorheostosis Association conference. I believe that you two meet by the divine intervention of God. Thank you for stepping up and asking questions. Your interactions with Katrina was one highlight of my weekend.

    Regards AmyReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - Amy!! It was a delight to meet you as well! I love the energy and passion your daughter has to educate us, and allow us to understand each other so much better!!! Your daughter was truly a highlight of my weekend, as well! I admired her brilliance, her intellect, and her ability to connect closely from the education and understanding she has – and put it in terms I can understand and grow from!!!!! She is a delight. And… Mama… you have done so well!!!!! I’m proud of you both for standing tall – taking action – and creating a community to draw others from around the world to unite. That. dear one, is marvelous.ReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - Hello Amy!!

      What a delight to meet your daughter Katrina at the Melorheostosis Association conference! She educated and inspired me so much!! I love the network they have in place to support one another, and learn, and grow together. You must be very, very proud of your daughter. I sure would be, too. I’d love to speak at their conference – wouldn’t that be a blast together!!!

      My best to you!!!
      – KatieReplyCancel

  • Amy - Hey, I just listened to you speak on the Most Beautiful You at Hearts at Home. I’m curious if you have any ideas for a stay at home, homeschooling, self employed (family dog boarding business), whos parents live with us who have physical and emotional/mental illnesses. You mentioned the drive to work and putting your feet up before the kids come home. But I’m with my kids and at home almost 24/7. I’m not sure what I’m good at. Taking all the hats off makes me think what would I do? What could I do? I know God has lead my husband and I to do all this but I’m having a hard time surviving/thriving. If I give attention to something that needs it I drop the ball and ferl inadequate about something else. I do go to bed by 9pm. : ) I know I am loved by The King. I just want to feel like I’m soaring. Can I in every area at once or will something always fall. Writing all this makes it sound like my life is hard and I know I hsve so much to be greatful for. And something are easy.
    thanks for any tips. – AmyReplyCancel

    • Katie Dilse - Amy!!

      What a delight to receive a message from you! It was a true honor to be with you at the Heart at Home conference!! It’s so amazing!! I’m truly sorry for not replying to your comment right away! I’ve had website trouble – but am delighted its now figured out, so we can be in touch!!!

      Amy! Thank you for opening your heart! You have every reason to feel overwhelmed! There is so much going on in your mother world!! You are so wise to hit the rack (bed) early, and find a bit of time for yourself! When we take off our hats for a few minutes every day, it just allows us to work on our own self growth. It allows us to open our hearts for growing in mental, physical, and spiritual ways! There was a time in my life where I ignored my personal needs – and only took care of everyone else – but learn from me…. that causes more STRESS!!! Find a bit of me time… for just a few minutes devoted to your own personal growth! Be aware of what you’re doing… exercising to have energy! or… calling a friend to fill her soul! Whatever you do… just try your very best to be present in the moment!!! YOU are made GRAND! You are the daughter of The KING, and you are asked to love yourself before you love others! With all the irons in your fire of life – maybe soaring is getting to have a 10 minute walk by yourself! It’s all a personal journey – and we all are at different stages. Just allow yourself to love, and be loved. You are created marvelous in the Eyes of the Creator. And… that thought alone, can allow you to soar. 🙂 – KatieReplyCancel

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